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Nunca Foi Tão Difícil Educar

by Solange Correia

About this Podcast

Dive into meaningful conversations with Solange Correia, a devoted mother, Parenting Mentor, and expert in Conscious Education. In this podcast, we explore the intricacies of family life, delving into shared experiences, often-overlooked topics, and the inherent challenges of the parenting journey.

  • Share Experiences: Uncover the nuances of family routines, unveiling the joyous and sometimes unnoticed aspects of daily life.
  • Navigate Challenges: Solange, with her expertise, assists parents in navigating the challenges of parenting with heightened awareness and conscious approaches.
  • Expert Insights: Join enlightening discussions with special guests deeply engaged in the world of parenting, providing valuable insights and diverse perspectives.


Together, let’s embark on a journey of conscious parenting, fostering a community where wisdom is shared, challenges are overcome, and perspectives are enriched.


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